Over the past decade, our specialists have perfected techniques for working with a wide selection of furniture, including but not limited to: all residential, hospitality and commercial furniture with all types of surfaces, such as wood, metal, leather, vinyl, glass, ceramic, fabric, composite materials, etc.

We service all, from general furniture to antique, airplane, boat, RV, car interiors, high end boutiques to department stores, offices, hotels, manufactures, designers as well as individual customers. No job too small or too big!

We also provide all types of disassembly and reassembly for offices and in home furniture for all type of couches, bed frames, cubicles,  work stations and desks, sofa beds, sleepers, power recliners, chairs, armoires, cabinets, book cases, headboards, conference tables and much more.

When your furniture is broken or has lost its looks and functionality, the way repair and cleaning are performed in the first attempt is critical. In the hands of our highly skilled furniture repair & cleaning technicians your furniture will look and function as if the damage had never happened.
Whether it is your home, office, or store, our highly trained technicians provide immediate on-site assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Day or night, holiday or weekend we are here for you and your furniture needs!!!

Repairs offered for all antique and modern furniture:

nicks, chips, dents, scrapes, and scratches, glue joints, fill-ins, sagging cushions, disassembly/assembly/reassembly for all beds, sofa, couches, as well as desks or cubicles, armoires, cabinets, etc. Fabric & leather tears defective mechanisms such as recliners, connectors, gas cylinders, dampers, struts, swivel bases, absorbers, release systems, handles, cables, fasteners, levelers, glides, stretches, zippers, pneumatics, snaps, hooks, & hinges color matching, gluing, installations, reinforcing, recreating, gold leaf, open seams, frames, casters, chair base, slides, damaged and broken frames, enhancements, worn finishes, laminate, grain matching, restoration, polish, refinish, upholstery, polishing, cleaning, buffing, waxing and more.